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The Origin And End Of Caste

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  • Author:  Fabian Ukaegbu
  • Price:  £10
  • Published Date:    15-7-2015
  • Pages:  150
  • Cover Type:  Paperback
  • ISBN:  978-0-9928688-8-8

Content Summary
You may have heard of caste, what is it? In custom or law, there needs be a locus standi to treat or justify any issue. This book was invited and addressing wrong or erroneous views on caste, which toughen it beyond its true nature. Caste is not susceptible to psychometric, genetic or scientific tests. It is always rooting, which is customary as in tracing unregistered land title. No one digging for water finding it says that he does not know what it is. What is the root of caste? In law, cause and effect should cohabit. This is what we shall establish because if caste is only a name, it is nothing but the effect is the issue. In caste, cause blends retrospectively in seeking root. So far, every writer on the subject has limited it to social stratification. Such approach numbs the edge in seeking for true origin and/or solution. Inferring from M. A. Beck, social stratification can start at any time but true beginning or origin is very vital to avoid robbing head with tail, which may delay solution.

It needs not be social stratification because every community however organised has social structure with its generic terms, which describe its formation. It needs not be caste motivated because social fixations can break up for one reason of mobility, change in occupation, religion, marriage or extinction. We shall be dealing with origin of caste or outcast which orients from act.

There are castes in Afrika, Asia, America, Australia, Europe and Far East, is caste in the air, infectious, progressive or regenerative; how is it everywhere with unknown root? The UK was stratified at certain time according to the mixture of races, whose backgrounds were not known but when known; laws and policies broke the barriers. From the title, there is a possibility to reserve caste for the castes but one should know causation because it is the cause3 that made caste and even though not called caste to subsequent causes, it remains so from the first caste. If sin causes death; those who live after sin must know what life after sin means and entails. It is absurd to live any life without its root. Instead of geography, study history because history details geography more meaningfully.

Table Of Content
  • Introduction i
  • Triviality & reconciliation xii
  • Chapters 1.What is caste: Discussions? 1
  • a.Pro-Caste 6
  • b.Caste-system 6
  • c.Caste, class & race 14

  • 2.What is caste? 28
  • a.What is the origin of caste? 33
  • b.Customs & derived custom 41
  • c.Applied custom 45

  • 3.The gods are still Around
  • a.Where is your God? 50
  • b.Take it from God 50
  • 4.How did it start? 55
  • a.Quality life 60
  • 5.Is caste the origin of Discrimination? 63
  • a.Why is caste discriminated 73
  • 6.Caste & Civil Liberty 74
    7.Why was the book written? 79
  • a.Read this story 79
  • b.Community wise 90
  • c.Science & Custom 90
  • d.Synchromology 91
  • e.Eschatology of Caste 92

  • 8.Caste & Human rights 95
    9.Customary & legal justice 100
    10.End of caste 102
  • a.Is there a necessity to end Caste? 102
  • b.Removing Caste-phobia 103
  • c.The end of Caste. 105
  • d.Definition 107
  • e.Redemption 109
  • f.Novice depredator 117
  • g.Assumptive depredator 117
  • h.Ignorant depredator 118
  • i.Wise depredator 120

  • 11.Conclusion
    122 12. Epilogue 127

Fabian N. Ukaegbu was born in Eastern Nigeria. He received his basic education there before travelling to the United Kingdom for further education. He qualified in Marketing, Management, Accountancy and International Relations/Diplomacy. He worked for six and the half years as a Consular Officer in the Nigeria High Commission in London and has worked also as a finance officer for 14 years with the London Borough of Hackney.
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