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The Unfolding Identity of Britain Challenges and Reflections

Posted on 14th Jun 2024 10:39:20 in

As keen observers of Britain’s evolution, we ponder the path this great nation treads. Baseless arguments, shifting sentiments, and deviations from tradition raise critical questions: What lies ahead? How will radicalization shape Britain’s destiny? There is a critical need for compassion, empathy, and nuance understanding for a prosperous Britain for the next generation.

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Moving the Head Quarter of the Catholic Church from Rome

Posted on 27th Jan 2024 13:55:21 in News

Is it the right idea to suggest moving the headquarters of the Church, what a novel idea by the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Hartford (Connecticut-USA), Rt. Rev. Christopher Coyne? Oh, what is the church; what is the church supposed to do well that the Roman Head Quarter is preventing, to warrant its moving out? He must be a coward or novice to suggest moving out the Roman Catholic Church’s headquarters from Rome, what do you think?

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The Future Of Nigeria

Posted on 18th Dec 2018 10:09:07 in Politics

The nation now called Nigeria were separate tribes brought together by circumstances of the slave trade. The world had known these dominant tribes as far back as Hanno’s Voyage in 520BC for the sole purpose of trade.

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Brexit Worries

Posted on 12th Jan 2019 17:14:22 in Politics

The way and manner in which everyone is lording this common duty on Theresa May as if it is her private duty goes beyond all reasonable fairness and justice which the British hold dear. Most worrying is that those jabbing about Brexit have no great insight of what is involved and treating it as an academic exercise is most disturbing.

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