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Here we say what is occuring within the security industry and in particular technological tools which are here and those coming up upstream. We are adamant that technology has a lot to provide the industry especially with the advent of smart chip and its implication with the so called "internet of thingss". Almost all house gadgets are now susceptible or amenable to this recent innovation. It is our intention to leverage this technology in performing our operations.

The Future Of Nigeria

Fabian Ukaegbu 21st Nov 2018 12:11:12 in

The nation now called Nigeria were separate tribes brought together by circumstances of the slave trade. The world had known these dominant tribes as far back as Hanno’s Voyage in 520BC for the sole purpose of trade.

Brexit Worries

Fabian Ukaegbu 12th Jan 2019 00:00:00 in

The way and manner in which everyone is lording this common duty on Theresa May as if it is her private duty goes beyond all reasonable fairness and justice which the British hold dear.

Self-flying air taxi lifts off in New Zealand

bbc 13th Mar 2018 19:09:40 in

A firm funded by Google founder Larry Page has unveiled an electric, self-flying air taxi that can travel at up to 180 km/h (110mph).

It can do 100 km on a single charge, and it takes off and lands vertically.

It will eventually be available to customers as a service "similar to an airline or a rideshare" said parent company Kitty Hawk on the Cora website.

It operates using "self-flying software combined with human oversight", it added.


Show us the way Nigeria

Fabian Ukaegbu 12th Jan 2018 21:00:00 in

Why have any relations you cannot learn from? In other words, why have friends Who merely want to show you up or bring you down.