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The Collapse Of The Church

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  • Author:  Fabian Ukaegbu
  • Price:  £10.95
  • Published Date:    2007-7-30
  • Pages:  250
  • Cover Type:  Paperback
  • ISBN:  9780953766772

Advancing the mission, the master started 2000 years ago; we start this phase (third), from where he stopped because we want to move on. We cannot seek for the unification of the Church without sanctifying the paths. Jesus: The Four Gospels Reconciled and One-to-One with God established; this phase promotes your covenant with God and men to end evil.

Remember, a covenant is a mutual undertaking between you and God or neighbour. It is an agreement because you have a part to play and God or neighbour has his own part to play in achieving the agreed objective. Testimonies arising from this will establish your faith in any relationship. We have finished with the scrambles for membership into religious organisations. We are now into providing real proves of who is walking with God.Truly, our starting point is where the master stopped, which is: The son of man goes as it is written of him, but woe unto such man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! It had been good for that man if he had not been born.

The purposive version is cursed be he, who did evil or through whom evil is done. Had we cursed evil since 2000 years ago, evil would have reduced or been eradicated. The manner of breaking bread has been consistent , what made The Lord???s Last Supper unique was the condition upon it . Before, he gave without condition but during his last supper, he gave with condition. There are two things to resolve. The first is, being not a familiar practice, the miracle of ???breaking bread??? needs no dilution, so that we can notice when something new happens among us. Secondly, the Lord???s Last Supper is pre-eminent, which needs no repeating without its condition. The Master cursed the evil one and wished the good ones to take forward his mission. Thus, we have dual mandate of ending evil and promoting the good mission for the salvation of souls.

The version "Take this and eat, Take this and drink". the church took on is not covenantal, if giving (forbearance) and taking (benefit) is not bound by any agreement to end evil. Take this and eat/drink above is evasive of the faith and truth that went into the covenant that claimed the life of the betrayer before the betrayed. In the last phase, we asked you to take your position at the Lord???s Supper table and answer ???if you would kill yourself (suicide) if the Lord gave you to eat and drink freely without condition. Remember equitably, Christ started in the city Herod Philip built in affection with Caesar [Caesarea Philippi ] to reveal his fate in Jerusalem. He repeated it several times like the Band of Equity to forewarn evil. Then, on that evening, he made a covenant to end evil, which indeed indicted the evil doer to die before the betrayed.

What made Christianity to look hopeless was the direction it went. Living together, sharing life, trusting and fulfilling love are covenantal but with envy, greed and grief, the world went aghast with treachery and bitterness of heart that turned the glory of Christendom into hell. If in the process of living together, you love what I hate, vice versa, can we live and share life together, (Part 2. 2 & 3)? Now after 2000 years, we must retreat and follow the right path, which forbids evil and cursed the evildoer. Evil in this instance includes the ones that led to the death of the Master.

The long neck of Equity has stretched out in overview. It will not return void until it secures justice. Thus, unless, peoples and nations humbly and willingly take corrective measures, what happens to apostates in the past will happen again in this millennium??? it is the Lord, who speaks. There are prophets of doom, which always based on the conducts of men. I am not even a prophet but inspired to state like Enoch for the Hebrews of Noah???s time, Moses for Israel, Jeremiah for Babylon, Jonah for Nineveh, Jesus for the Jews; that, this millennium faces great disasters arising from the evil conducts of men. My mission highlights this particularly in what to do to reduce or avert it. We must learn to manage feelings that led to death. Judas??? evil feeling led to the death of Jesus and Jesus??? feeling of evil led to the death of Judas. The two are reconcilable on the platter of humans being the ultimate sufferers or beneficiaries of all conducts. However, Jesus and Judas died different deaths. Jesus overcame death and went to heaven but Judas slept in evil. Thus, death is not the same for the good and evil ones. Jesus and Judas showed the difference. After 2000 years, something reprisal will happen to check the glut of human conducts. Covering up evil has not worked; there is need to over step evil in order to make life and death rosier.

As you read this book, you become the accused, judge and jury because the passion of it is for you to bear. As time moves, it will take every life with it but the meaning of life will differ for the good ones. As it sits on the past to spring forward its prophecies, there might be those who feel detailed more, critically or not at all. This is the nature of every developmental revelation. Where Hebrew, Israel, Jew, gentile or heathen is used, it is analytical of what happened, which may not repeat, as we have learnt to remove derogatory languages. If you do not hassle, corrupt and struggle with men in flesh, you will have peace of mind and end well like Abraham and Caleb because those who heed to God end with virtues.

On the evaluation, the issue of Israel and Jew might confuse. The then issue of whether it is Israel or Jew has been resolved. Consequently, Jew tailed out of Israel, Jew is not Israel, is it? I have no doubt that most people living in the name of Jews today can easily trace their roots to Papa Jacob and therefore become Israeli-Hebrew of Isaac and Abraham but any Jew, who cannot trace his genealogy to Jacob (not to Judaism), is not Israeli or Hebrew. Religion has not delivered its first baby yet; to wake up in the middle of evolution and say that one became a Jew by membership of Judaism is a fallacy. The present state, in which some answer Israel and others Jews needs reconciliation in patterning the real future of Israel (part 2.3 & 4).

Israel is very important to the world's written culture. God has gone round, there seems to be no nation able to outplay Israel in dealing with the unseen God. Thus, the passage is equally open to Israel to reclaim her divine patrimony. In this way, Israel must stand erect ubiquitously. The master said in prophesying the former end that when you saw that what you did was evil, you did not change for better and thus, the kingdom will be taken from you and given to a nation bringing forth fruits . This prophecy came through in AD 70 with the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. Thus, the master was right. Consequently, the challenge is for all to search out what is right for humans and do it without cheating, prejudice or intent passivism. We must surrender to the ???God of justice??? so that justice may prevail.

The purpose of this book is to stop anyone from becoming cockroach that drowns in the glut of oil or worldly things. The oil is public, which greedy people treat private but what is private is personal contribution to the world aside of material things. One's contribution distinguishes one's just or evil stand. This is where justice and judgment head to in this millennium. This book invites contradiction or criticism to spring forward its claims. If one truly submits to God, obeys his laws and does his will without any change in his life, then, this book has failed. Alternatively, shout out your testimonies of what God has done so that the infidels know that God exists.

The book is summarised into six parts and in a manner that saves a busy person's time. Part one gives an overview of the church under various views of the church as "Word of God", "Place of Worship", "Personal relationship", etc. This is important to round off ignorance and drawbacks. Once the scene was set, the thoughts converge to solidify and justify the concerns raised. In other words, parts of the "when", "who" and "why" of the collapse of the church drag to their levels in educating and reminding individuals of their participation, obligation and faith yield (Part four).

The middle parts, 2 & 3 razzamatazz the causes and remedies, as it always depends on the conducts of men. Part two deals with the inhospitable facts of history that had for long misdirected the world as to "who is who" in the making of the history of the world order. As found, simplifying and/or overhauling nationalism has been outstanding since 1945 and the problems (Part 5.3) go round, as something that will not go away unconsciously. Documentation and completeness of the Bible form the topics of part three, is the Bible complete, how does human conduct stretch it? Among those who differ in religions, part five provides checks as to what God would do with members of various religious sects in his judgment of evil. Subsequently, there is dialogical discourse, part six, which refreshes and furthers the inquests so that what was not touched earlier or in full has a chance of attention.

God's case has no appeal; hence, what goes round comes round to rub in justice beyond any appeal. After destroying Jerusalem and the temple, Rome took the ???Holy See??? in AD 70 and collapsed in AD 410 because it did not abhor evil. Subsequently, Christianity resisted natural judgment and sustained Rome in the name and acts of religion. It tried to mix the truth of God with the myths of Rome . It became the standard for drawing and spreading judgment. Now, its practices have attracted judgment like those that affected Israel and Rome. The Lord, God of justice is about to declare an eclipse because the former, later and new sins are on the increase. The eclipse is a break in time, its main aim being - no longer awaiting time to surrender fully to God. All is now to pass through judgment and who survives owes it to justice.

Let name (Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, etc) not deceive you. If Abraham did not know God's name as Jehovah; if Moses did not worship God as a Judaist; if Jesus worshipped the Father in spirit of truth and justice; then, the true worshipper of God cannot give excuse. There is only one choice namely, fellowship of God, which is personal or fellowship with the herds, which is multi-faceted in positivist cultures. I have tried; my verdict is: "fellowship of God".

Table of Contents

    Part 1
    • 1. What is the church?<
    • 1.1. The church as "Word of God"
    • 1.2. The church as "Personal Relationship".
    • 1.3. The church as "Place of Worship".
    • 1.4. Enlightenment and Emancipation
    • 1.5. The lost battle: Criminality of Conscience
    • 1.6. The Hacos and the Mucros
    • 1.7. The Slave Trade 1441-1901 & the Holocaust 1938-1945
    Part 2
    • 2.0. Moulding the historical faculties
    • 2.1. Race, colour and globalization
    • 2.2. What are the implications of inordinate growth or nationalism?
    • 2.3. What made the Jews popular?
    • 2.4. Hebrew-Israel-Jews-Gentiles-Heathens
    • 3.0.Documentation
    • 3.1. Witness to truth
    • 3.2. Money, Purpose and Eternity
    • 3.3. Where Love and Law fail
    • 3.4. The Church in Limbbo
    • 4.0.To be or not to be saved or distroyed
    • 4.1. Why will the church collapse?
    • 4.2. When will the church collapse?
    • 4.3. Who will save the church?
    • 5.0. What will God do?
    • 5.1. Prophet Muhammad
    • 5.2. Blessed Buddha
    • 5.3. Religion and Nationalism
    • 6.0.Questions & Answers Discourse 202
    • Q.1. What is the Purpose of this book?
    • Q.2. What is written?
    • Q.3. What is truth? 203
    • Q.4. Can an Atheist have a sense of Judgment, as to what is right or wrong? 204
    • Q.5. The ???Word of God??? via His Messengers, Prophets, Son and Apostles made up the written scriptures, what is Communication with God called? 205
    • Q.6. What does the word ???Grace??? mean? 206
    • Q.7. What is Evil, who created it and why? 208
    • Q.8. Faith, what is it ??? Feeling? 212
    • Q.9. What does Open Passage mean? 214
    • Q.10. Could the church in any form Constitute a Barrier between you and God? 215
    • Q.11. What is Love, can it be Shared without feeling? 216
    • Q.12. Does the concept of the Trinity still apply? 218
    • Q.13. What is Humility, is it always humiliating? 219
    • Q.14. If the Destiny of Jesus including his death was prophesied, what wrong did Judas do in implementing a part of it? 223
    • Q.15. How easy is it to be man or woman, father or mother? 229
    • Q.16. What is Soul, does animal or tree have Soul? 232
    • Q.17. To what extent could religion Reconcile with Science; Could a good Scientist be a good Religionist? 235
    • Q.18. What is the difference between Religion and Faith? 240
    • Q.18.b. Why did Christ consider it expedient for him to go and leave his followers to try on their own? 241
    • Q.19. Can the Church in any way provide Cover for Evil? 243
    • Q.19.b. How effective is the ???Mass??? in worshipping God or to the salvation of souls? 244
    • Q.20. A deeper course of life is a Spiritual inquest into the unknown, should one be spiritual to achieve this? 247
    • Q.21. If Parents hold inalienable Rights over their children, which Powers should they exercise or leave to God? 249
    • Q.22. Where is the Garden of Eden today? 250
    • Q.23. When is it right for husband or wife or friend to betray or kill off the other? 251
    • Q.24. What happens when one dies? 252
    • Q.25. What does ???Father, forgive them for they know not what they do mean???? 255 25.b. What does Jesus mean by ???I am no longer of the world??? 257
    • Q.26. When will the prophecies about you come through? 258
    • Q.27. Do you believe that of the billions of humans God laboured to create, he would admit only 144,000 souls eventually into Paradise? 260
    • Q.27. By what authority do you do these things and who gave you this authority? 261
    • Q.28. What is the direction of the church now, is it at the end or at the beginning of what is to come
    • Conclusion
    • How we get here (Acknowledgements)
    • Appendix 1: The age of man calculated
    • Thank you Lord

  • I bought this book entitled "The Collapse Of The Church" via a recommendation from a friend.

    The first chapter was introductory and a bit discontinuous. However, I was completely flabbergasted by chapter two and subsequent chapters. They were truly revolutionary and eye opening.

    If you are a christian this is the perfect bed side companion. There is just so much more out there a lot of us are not aware of. This book is an eye opener indeed.It will make you ask lots of questions.
  • The Collapse Of The Church
  • 2018-09-03 09:41:37

  • I bought this book entitled "The Collapse of The Church" via a recommendation from a mutual friend.

    It eloquently exposes what the so called major christian denominations have bee failing to do for decades.

    It demonstartes the fact that you do not have to be a member of a particular christian sect to worship and give praise to God. I was completely and surprisingly taken aback by it intensity
  • The Collapse Of The Church
  • 2018-09-03 09:42:06

Fabian N. Ukaegbu was born in Eastern Nigeria. He received his basic education there before travelling to the United Kingdom for further education. He qualified in Marketing, Management, Accountancy and International Relations/Diplomacy. He worked for six and the half years as a Consular Officer in the Nigeria High Commission in London and has worked also as a finance officer for 14 years with the London Borough of Hackney.
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