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Spiritual And Social Mediumisms

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  • Author:  Fabian Ukaegbu
  • Price:  £15.95
  • Published Date:    30-10-2022
  • Pages:  453
  • Book Size:  A5
  • Cover Type:  Paperback
  • ISBN:  9781838233860

Spiritual-mediumism is a divine contact from God to man. It starts from birth to mark the beginning of one’s animation or secret code. Then, as we grow, our psychic pilots our free will for good or for bad. Mediumism is an intuitive capture of a spiritual message. It is also called Mind-Walking and mind-walkers use it to modulate their beliefs, feelings & actions. Mediumism is about spiritual energy and the Mind is its contact and drive. Unknown or unrealised, it is too late to argue after animation.

The Almighty God is the Author of life and the Creator of the universe. It is not only written but revealed in every life to make his vitality felt. There is a spirit in every life that mediates its progress. Mind-walking is life projection, and its verity manifests in art and act. We are supposed to be driven by the spirit of God but often friends, foes or desires manipulate us; hence, from God, mediumism is a spiritual drive but amongst men, it is social. The greatest conflict in our evolution is amongst social-mediums while spirituality tries to distinguish us.

Social-mediumism is human relations in arts and acts. You will recall that TBE overreached ‘Revelation’ to find out what people of religion did without God. In their socialisms, they made worshipping God irreconcilable in their churches. Many of the Breakaway Religions or Orders are not spiritual but socially motivated and they made no difference. This book exposes why you should not attend any church as a baby. You should pause to find out God’s mission in you. How do we walk with God? From the history of evolution, God did not create a free world. Ponder your pocket mind, are you free or in charge of it? Moving with customs, God safeguarded his creation with laws & rules called covenant to avoid heart-break. God motioned it and the forefathers emulated and covenanted in the 874th year of man on earth. Since then, evidence abounds that when men want to live truly peacefully, they covenant and when they want to be funny, cheeky and dishonest, they avoid covenant. As God does not deal with a man without a covenant, any relationship that is not safeguarded by a covenant is merely social. The New Era tasks us to take charge of our fate and then verify the power of God amongst us. Seek your pace with Spiritual mediumism.

This work will air what drives our evolution and how it sieves to produce rare excellence in some and uncertainty in many. I sincerely encourage you to discover yourself before throwing it about the open world. Mediumism is about self-adjustment; hence, you may drink of my cup, be baptized as I was; fast as I fasted… but ranking in the eyes of God is for God to decide. This is the point, when you get it right, your spiritual self manifests rare proofs. Those who pushed out the world from its orbit have died off; those, who are alive & facing challenges must reinvent the spirit of walking with God. By this writing, all falsities are canceled to return the world to God to judge us.

I pray you will understand to prioritize ‘yourself'. At times, the self needs retracting to recollect & refocus as all that glitters in the open-world tests the self. The theme of this work is ‘covenant’. It checks itself with its arts & acts. Our toughest relationship is with the unavoidable God; do not take him solely from religion but from your covenant with him, which gives him a clue of you. Remarkably, as social-mediumism knocks head about at the edge of desires, spiritual-mediumism distinguishes ‘self. The state of the world’s affairs tests credence; you need your psychic power. Recall, when we are sleeping, our mind is not. It networks to justify why we should see another day; many do not see. Aging depends on one’s state of mind, which bears the tests of life – this is nature’s first life secret.

Table Of Contents

------------------ i
    Part One
  • Chapter 1: Mind-Walkers – Open Mystery ----------1
  • Chapter 2: Is it religious, Economic or Political? ---------- 28
  • Chapter 3: Altercations ------------ 55
  • Chapter 4: Romanticism ---------- 80
  • Chapter 5: Religions & Politics-in-Evolution ---------- 104
  • Chapter 6: Covenant safeguards & measures --------- 134
  • Chapter 7: How does one access God? ----------- 152
  • Chapter 8: Education & Productivity ---------- 182
  • Chapter 9: A Good Leader --------- 209
  • Chapter 10: Be Personal with God ------------- 224
  • Chapter 11: What is your Unique self? ---------- 262
  • Chapter 12: Self-verification ---------- 278
  • Chapter 13: What did I ask of the Lord, my God? ----------- --289
  • Chapter 14: Recommendations & Conclusion ---------- 303
  • Chapter 15: Epilogue ------------------ 315
  • Chapter 16: Food for thought ------------------- 329

  • Part Two
  • Chapter 1: What Sense do we make of our time? --------------- 374
  • Chapter 2: What could universally affect our lives? ------------ 389
  • Chapter 3: Is Unity Possible? ---------------- 397
  • Chapter 4: Appeal and Conclusion ----------------- 413
  • Glossary --------------------------------------- 421
  • Index -------------------------------------- 422

Fabian N. Ukaegbu was born in Eastern Nigeria. He received his basic education there before travelling to the United Kingdom for further education. He qualified in Marketing, Management, Accountancy and International Relations/Diplomacy. He worked for six and the half years as a Consular Officer in the Nigeria High Commission in London and has worked also as a finance officer for 14 years with the London Borough of Hackney.
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