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Moving the Head Quarter of the Catholic Church from Rome


Fabian Ukaegbu 27th Jan 2024 13:55:21 News  2

Moving the Head Quarter of the Catholic Church from Rome ‘If there was one thing, I would suggest to Pope Francis to change, it would be to move the Church’s headquarters out from Rome, as the Church is “too Roman;” says Rt. Rev. Christopher Coyne.

Is it the right idea to suggest moving the headquarters of the Church, what a novel idea by the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Hartford (Connecticut-USA), Rt. Rev. Christopher Coyne? Oh, what is the church; what is the church supposed to do well that the Roman Head Quarter is preventing, to warrant its moving out? He must be a coward or novice to suggest moving out the Roman Catholic Church’s headquarters from Rome, what do you think?

In The Bible from Eden and the Unknown History of Nigeria-Evolution Reappraisal, we studied the evolution that moved from eastward of Eden to Ethiopia, Egypt, and Assyria, did any of these novel places perform better than Eden in the sight of God? Subsequently, we heard of Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome in the greed of power, did any of them perform better in Eden in the sight of God? Then, the Judaea-Jerusalem Mission of Jesus Christ gathered momentum with evidence in Judaea to prove the Almighty God above and beyond the doubt, sin, and shame of Zeus Hellenism. When disturbed in Judaea, it moved to Antioch, the headquarters of Antiochus’ Hellenism in AD41. Thence, the Great Roman Empire took the ‘Holy See’ by force from Antioch as was prophesied by Jesus Christ (TBE, Gos. 34: 50-65) after the Great Revolt AD66-74. Since then the rolling stone moved to smash, grind, or elevate – is the church free or secured with something, what moves it?

Even though the Great Roman Empire smashed Judaea and messed up and it eventually lost credence, the church remained there until any place or people served better to take it away from Rome. It is not political but faith. The Spiritual and Social Mediumism: Post-Apostolic manipulations reviewed how Christianity was hijacked, distorted, adulterated, weakened and replaced by rival sects (Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Islam, Protestant, Anglican, Pentecostal….) that do not covenant. The Spiritual and Social mediumism; alias, the review of the New Testament, disclosed how the abusive Roman Empire crumbled but the post-Roman Empire was more abusive in promoting wrong doctrines; e.g., Iconism, Holy images, Trinity, Hypostasis, Binitarianism… all outside Christianity. The Unknown History of Nigeria: Evolution Reappraisal chapter 10, set them aside as tares in the wheat.

The Post-Apostolic Era deviated from the Lord’s covenant to Eucharistia, Communion, or Thanksgiving and sailed a mocking or distorted image of Christianity to put the world in the wrong direction of evolution. Where will the new Head Quarter be, to correct the past errors that saddled Christianity? We have been in the New Era since AD2011 and in wrong direction, none have served better than the Roman Catholic; can we accept Romanticism and criticize its Head Quarter? Well done Rt. Rev. Coyne for pointing out the incredible influence of Rome over Christianity.

Many took narrative theology as a duty. Religion or church is not a support machine to be routinized. From God to man it tasks evidence of faith lived. Value added, the New Era invites servants to serve above and beyond Eucharistia to covenant with the God of Covenant. The Bureaucratic Universal Roman Catholic has passed its control. It has produced people who do the work of faith without humility, obedience, faith, and love; i.e., people of divided loyalty. Everybody raises a hand but the breakthroughs are few. Now devolution shall enable parts to rewind the wheel and task innovative spirit. This is the church in time, do you believe?

When we surveyed the gerrymandering of the Church particularly of the things secured by Christianity and distorted or twisted by the rival sects, change became imperative according to Isaac Newton’s laws of motion. Of most importance is the handling of the covenant. God of covenant does not deal with anyone without covenant. We covenant; from The Bible from Eden (TBE), Jen. 2, covenant moved symmetrical and asymmetrical to Jesus, who performed covenant (TBE, Gos. 37), to fulfill the custom that started from the foundation of the world; apropos, 874th year of man on earth. We boasted of custom and in science, Isaac Newton’s laws of motion concurred with our custom in seeking true evolution with the right solution. As Jesus asked Nicodemus (TBE, Gos. 5), are we in crisis of faith without knowing what is troubling us?

One of the greatest frustrations of our evolution is the unacceptable distortion of the covenant to Eucharistia or Thanksgiving. What did Jesus do that indicted Judas Iscariot, Pilate, and Caiaphas to commit suicide and raided the entire Judaea/Jerusalem for 1,878 years (AD70-1948] in Diaspora, was it Covenant or Thanksgiving (Eucharistia)? Is it right after his expensive sacrifice to prove the Almighty God against Zeus/Jupiter domination to alter his executed judgment? Well, Jesus conducted the covenant to check, end, or avoid evil and anyhow we deviated, it has not projected the world order rightly. Our duty is not only to pray but also to do the will of God. We can pray as long and often as we want but without God’s response, it is as if we did not pray or prayed in vain; when last was your prayer granted?

Often slogans and phrases creep in to distort meaning. What is ‘Holy See’? Before reading further, search for it in your computer or mobile phone. Like the metaphor of the ancient, the modern takes anything as it. For instance, we heard of Jerusalem as a Holy Place for God’s Dwelling, which God denied with reasons (TBE, 2 Samuel 7; Jeremiah, chaps. 34-9). We heard of pilgrimages to certain places reverend as Holy but later tides disagreed. From Eden, from God to man and amongst men living together, the ‘Holy See’ is covenanted terms and conditions people or communities live. Jesus Christ engrossed and updated the custom that started from the foundation of the world. Where two or more agree to truth and justice, the Spirit of God is there with them.

The ‘Holy See’ is not a place but a covenant people keep. A bitter test amongst friends: one of you shall betray me but woe betides whom by whom the son of man shall be betrayed; it was better that such a man was not born. Said at the table to constitute his Last Supper, was it Thanksgiving, Eucharistia, or Communion? Amongst men, we started from 874th year of man on earth to witness covenant. Unlike feeding five or four thousand men; check the mood of Jesus Christ; from woe betides…is indicting (see TBE, Gos. 37). Enough to explain ‘Holy See’ henceforth to AD2678 and after, for those who survived. ‘Holy See’ is a covenant from God to man. We saw its vertical remediation in Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah… Horizontally, from amongst the 138 men that conducted the covenant of 874AE (Adamic Era), it is: if brethren live together, they developed traits; codified as serpent, tortoise, spider, parrot, lion, mice, chameleon… Our ancestors used covenant to tame their traits to check and avoid evil penchant such as was disclosed in Kaine. God of Covenant means that he uses covenant to check and measure fidelity. Men including Jesus Christ used covenant to check fidelity and avoid evil.

Twisted by the Gnostic harmonizers of the Gospels to: he gave us to eat and to drink; it was asked: if your faithful friend gave you to eat and drink, would you do and go and commit suicide? Thus, if we desire faithful evolution, we remediate and covenant to end or avoid evil to protect and promote the lives of the high and low. Putting covenant aside and doing what it forbids is hypocrisy. ‘Holy See’ is our covenanted term to live. Universally, it applies to any people, anywhere. It applies to anyone unilaterally and to a group communally. Without covenant, there is no salvation; disorderliness shall prevail from aggressive population growth. Now that we have seen the signs repeating as it happened nakedly from AD590, we shall take nothing (politics, religion, or any work of life) for granted but secure the faithful with the covenant. Would you like your peace to be thwarted by evasive religions?

In the judgment of the world, Jesus Christ stepped aside for the Almighty God to judge. Ponder the reasons and actions that led to his death; after the resurrection, he had the opportunity to revenge but why did he reserve judgment to the Almighty God? There were many collaborators to his death; if he revenged, it would be only to his immediate proximity, which would be partial. By reserving a sort of justice postponed and judgment enlarged, the judgment actually enlarged and boomeranged continuously. Can we ever have a pure loyalist to the Almighty God like Jesus Christ? Pruned his pride, and anger and made his coat of sorrow as if the best thing in the world, who else has so behaved? On 11/11/2023, the Vicar of Christ dismissed Bishop Strickland, why did he answer Spiritual Leader instead of Head of State? Of the eight titles (Bishop of Rome, Patriarch of the West, Primate of Italy…) vested upon him, he is burdened and cannot serve them without damaging Christianity in parts. Again Rt. Rev. Coyne must be acknowledged for spotting the burden. Yet, we are not free to advocate the removal of the Roman Catholic headquarters.

Rome should hold the fort until any people or nation volunteers to serve the Almighty God and He showed his approval with testimonies. Greek Orthodox moved without climbing the mountain. Arab people moved with Islam and failed short before the foot of the mountain. Protestant Europe and Anglican Britain moved but remained earthbound. You know what it means; they have not served more to become masters. Stubborn people do not access the key of heaven. If we repose the key by ballot or coup to the flesh, they will politicize it and waste it as they waste the earth. Do we need Jesus to come to tell us that we messed up the earth (TBE, Gos. 17:37)? We watched his reception in heaven and what happened thereafter …Evolution Reappraisal p.444, and I firmly agreed with his reserving judgment for the Almighty God because he reaches levels human minds do not reach. Aware of the great wars and continuing wars, if you were given the key, what would you do? Is it true that public administration (Spiritual or Temporal) is a ‘Free Paddle’? No, it is for people who fear the Almighty God (TBE, 2 Samuel 7; 11; 1 Kings 11), or else, they mess up the nation and people. If you were an Executive King or Leader, what would you do to the messy, unlearning, and challenging world? Would you have allowed your enemies, opponents, and their supporters to sleep and wake up to continue with their provocations and profanations?

What Jesus did in his prime age, if we do a quarter of it at our adult ages, the world will be heaven on earth. He used mustard seeds to explain his process. He called a few friends and they answered and this was the church in time. Today, is it possible to get dedicated and devoted friends to do anything together without rivalry, greed, and envy disturbing it? Paul the mint of Jesus said that Jews, Greeks, and Romans shall forget themselves and become one but the Greeks refused. We became Roman Catholics, which enslaved us to Romanticism away from Christianity. However, if we remediate and task revival from the roots, I bet handsomely that Christianity will be reinvented after learning from our defaults and deviations. Is the church a place, people, or word of God? The Collapse of the Church: The End of Jewish and Roman Hegemony chapter 2 resolved it as an offer of God’s word to the whole world to know and live; have we lived the word of God rightly as Catholics, Anglicans, Muslims…? Immediately humans came in with their ignorance, greed, prejudices…, the milk of love and kindness turns to somethings else. Would you then repose judgment on humans? The devil is a palpable liar, mention it (TBE, Jen.2), and s/he captures it to twist to something. Now that the knowledge of God and the devil has reached the ends of the earth, what shall we do? From the Centre, it is hard but from the parts, by His Grace, at least one part would receive to tame and proliferate to other. This would be the world order in time. According to Jesus, strive to be there (TBE, p. 1750, Gos. 13:22). Living the ungodly Roman culture (si vis pacem para bellum/if you want peace prepare for war) infested the world barbarically and some still live it to date.

A change is imperative but where should it start – from Rome or our towns and villages? Devolution seems possible, do we need a ballot, coup, or license to do this? We have preached and fought for long; it is time to remediate; where will it start? The Lord, God judges between the sheep and goat (TBE, Eze. 34; Gos. 33; Matt. 25); let us start now to make judgment easy. As through one man (Adam), sin entered the world and spread; through one man (Jesus), knowledge, wisdom, truth, love, and justice spread but many parts refused and differed. God of justice sought only a just soul to use to save the world at a time but did not see. At another time, the only just soul (Jesus) was rejected and killed, what has God done since then? Spiritual and Social Mediumism pp.374-396; …Evolution Reappraisal, pp. 444-5; He made the world restless and for sinners to pay. Ponder eating, drinking, and doing such and such things and still dying poorly. He made Empires to dwindle. From Eden as a family but He put differences amongst us (of races, creeds, sexes, economy of all works of life…) and we accepted and discriminated to put the world on fire. Now with judgment in view (AD2096-2678), it is not even a nation but one or a few to volunteer humbly to serve to save the human race, are you ready?

It is not even a village or town issue but persons to stand distinct in faith and serve. We go to church and mosque but more than church or mosque is required. We live together irrespective of creed, race, or sex, how best can we sort out our living together? We reconciled the Gospels including certain sections of the Quran to simplify the New Era make life liveable anywhere and avoid mendacious religions dividing us anymore. As One God is known and professed by all, is religion yet our issue, or are some people using it as a facade to disturb the peace of the world? Could new nationalism be denied if some people use religions to disturb others; should the abused religious freedom be promoted in its entirety? Will what we do to be picked depend on our religion, character, or academic qualifications? Well, it has not happened for 2,000 years because we have not become new breeds of God’s delight, what else shall we wait for to return to God?

Surrealistically, when the Great Roman Empire expired in AD395, the rivalry between the East Greek Byzantine (Orthodox) and West, Rome (Roman Catholic) wasted the virtues of Christianity and their insults drained out the usual testimonies known with Christianity. And since everyone lived by the orders of Rome, Greece, or Arabia of the defunct glories. Well, the new Era started in AD2011, and the Rt. Rev. Coyne must be on the side of justice to spot the overdue change. Already sighted and in view, how will the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church move - is it by ballot, coup, or virtuous service, as who served more becomes the master? What signs shall we expect and what proof is acceptable? Jihad has failed the Most Trustworthy (Al Amin) test, what has using religion to disturb the world produced; does it mean that we cannot live together as brethren?

Ponder the nine Councils (Spiritual and Social Mediumism, p.424) from AD325 to 1546 that militated against Christianity in Rome and Greece. The Church still remembers and celebrates its martyrs to-date; will the new headquarters set aside these councils to restore Christianity; what would be the criteria or expectations from the move? What is the guarantee or assurance that the new headquarters would make a new Catholic and not mere rubber stamp? Jesus was born when Judaism and Hellenism were struggling religiously. Jesus said: what is religion to tear and disturb the world? He set a new vision of the world order that relies on the Almighty God but the religious people did not understand immediately. Yet, later even when they realized the truth, they still hung onto religious offices and wars for no other reason but daily bread against Abraham’s faith that God provides for his faithful servants (TBE, Jen.22). As things stand today, the New Era does not ask for license, ballot or coup but humbly adopting God’s way (covenant) to deal with him to open his doors of mercy to us. Work, eat, drink, and play, if God grants you a breakthrough to become a New Era Star, would you refuse?

The Unknown History of Nigeria: Evolution Reappraisal Chapter 1 located Eden with known father, mother, and custom, can the church run without its root custom? Jesus answered no; Peter answered no and both covenanted against sin and shame, but the Post-Apostolic era deviated and continued to repeat the mistakes forbidden by covenant. Who serves more becomes the master; this is the foundation of Spiritual Mediumism but since the Church abandoned Spiritual for Social Mediumism, everyone became altar server and dropped spiritual undertaking, which covenant secures. What will the New Head Quarter do that the Roman Head Quarter is not doing in promoting or challenging the Council of Basel; apropos, the Papal Supremacy? Spiritual, in AD250, Fabian was divinely distinguished and made Pope; marking the Church in time. Subsequently, Spiritual Mediumism diminished and was replaced by Social Mediumism; and the church became determined by humans. But from TBE, Jen.3, if we received from God, no problem but if we received from man, He judges what we refused from him and what we accepted from man; is it right to set aside God to promote socialism amongst men?

Another dull projection from the Roman Catholic religion is irrelevant conformism. Of course, from Eden, our custom promotes the natural equality of man and woman based on what one is that another is not and their derivative duties that enrich love and longevity (TBE, 1 Tim. 3). Our custom including handling of sacred things do not exchange hands easily without burning wrong handling. Remarkably, our men and women know that it is wrong to give what belongs to man to woman or what belongs to woman to man (TBE, Jen. 19; Judges 19). As we are now approaching the AD2096 threshold, it is vitally important to devolve religious practices. The Roman Catholic has served its purpose. Devolution will test what we learned. It will allow the Americans, Europeans, Asians, and Africans… to censor, treasure, and enshrine their faith in preparation for the coming judgment.

To overhaul our faith after dilutions is vital; e.g. covenant is a landmark in the African faith. Devolution will challenge every region’s knowledge of the Bible to devote to God. Following Roman Catholic in the same practice has not challenged us but devolution will enrich our ecumenism, synod paths, and synodical encyclicals with varieties of successes to enhance cross-learning of where God manifests more evidence. Doing it commonly from the Romanticism has not motivated us against sin and shame says David Yallop in his book titled: “In God’s Name). Devolution will enhance crossing working and will reduce the multiplicity of sects that distract many from God in the frame of “I bought a Bible and opened a Church”. To this, Bevenot (TBE, p.2285) said: there are moments when our theological studies are not precisely enough to deal with the questions before us; e.g., whatever differences between Catholic and Anglican, we live messy without God.

Are we not yet frustrated enough to follow custom or Isaac Newton to seek remediation? Is living in doubt, sin, and shame and waiting till Jesus Christ comes a good faithful living? If so, will he find any of us worthy (TBE, Eze. 22; Gos. 17:37)? Is the wisdom of God based on our academic qualifications? If we consider the points of missionaries, it started immediately to be narrow leading to the appointment of Paul. The Middle Ages missionaries from AD590 were something else marking the departure from spiritual to social mediumism, which was the corridor or podium of imperialism. A crypto-religious can charismatically play to any direction of interest; e.g., into colonialism as an agent… This is why we should be very careful in taking faith into human hands; else, spiritual mediumism makes a great difference in the lives of the devout.

The time has passed for Roman imperialism, and salvation beckons to all of us. The Roman Catholic made us treat covenant as Thanksgiving or Eucharistia and we accepted it for a long time, making us hybrids, who passed God’s gate without noticing. The Roman Catholic that condemned our customary sacred symbols as fetish but multiplied Icons, molten, engraved, and carved images in its churches, all Zeus culture, fiddled with our faith. Even when we invoked equity and justice, we were misfixed. Well, no one lives babyish forever; the time has come for us to try what we learned or suffered to measure our fitness for God’s judgment. If we receive Communion but not terms with God, have we become true Christians? Well, count your teeth with your tongue; is our Eucharistia working out a good relationship amongst us or dependable evolution without covenant? When everyone turns the pages of the Bible to refer to and quote, we appeal to God to manifest his testimony, can we serve God without his usual testimonies? Wouldn’t we become like Baal worshippers?

The church has been profaned and disturbed of its spiritual vestments; what comes first - the restoration of Christianity or the movement of the Head Quarter? I believe that restoration will happen first to distinguish servants to take the headquarters with them. However, this is not the potent danger, which is a total failure of everyone rushing to the House of Prayer without a pure heart. We started since the end of the Cold War to say in The Future of Britain: A Policy Perspective; chapters 1-3; that every nation as an Accountability Center needs to overhaul and transform its people. How can it happen? With a corner eye, we saw devolution to raise new awareness to motivate and challenge the people. The Pope’s Muto Proprio refused by many would have been the sleeve to challenge some local peoples that carry charms to the church; whom, covenant would vet better than ‘Eucharistia’. With resistance to Muto Proprio, there is no assurance that parts of the bureaucracy doing something new to uplift Christianity. The old version of prayers (Creed, Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary) have not rightly impacted the people; as many recite them rhetorically without living them. The Bible from Eden removed the rhetoric of the four Gospels. Is the church more effective in literature or prayer than the action of good faith? What have we achieved more with four concurrent Gospels keeping us busy like snails?

A community that lives communally shares life, faith, and goodwill to show in its environmental equity, family orderliness, and corporal works of mercy. However, the floating Roman Catholic doctrines were made mere rhetoric; or how did the good works of Jesus Christ yield hate crimes among their professors and confessors? Are we hypocritical or of unrenewable spiritual energy? However, in reworking arts/acts, Divine Alert: Making Answerable Prayers pp. 184-8 transformed the prayers into covenants in seeking breakthroughs. Subsequently, Muto Proprio could pick vital nuances thereof to teach local people to live up against sin and shame. The open world is very powerful to induce anything but the faith groups have the challenge to tame people to seek better outcomes. Where we fail to make a good difference, we fall by the wayside like other weeds lie, where no grain germinates or grows up to fruitful purpose. Is serving God about riding a Jet, a car, or living in a mansion…?

As to what intoxicated the church since the 4th century AD, apropos, Trinity, the Unknown History of Nigeria: Evolution Reappraisal, chapters 1 and 10; we traced from Eden to restore the ‘Arrow’ to its Maker and Shooter and it makes sense that those seeking right evolution must seek it from the Almighty God and his righteousness in his laws and not from mere religions that divide humanity. If the Universal Catholic Church had achieved covenantly against sin and shame, our evolution would have been tolerably livable. Therefore, the Church may move its ecclesiastical Head Quarter but that is not the essence of the NE but genuine innovation of faith to safeguard the human race from the fourth Glaciations (AD2096 – 2678), which will affect the whole world. There is something we can do to stay away the judgment or reduce its gravity; it is not Eucharistia or Communion but a covenant against sin and shame, are we ready; what do we say of our time?

Thinking of moving the Ecclesiastical Head Quarter is not a priority because whoever serves more becomes the master. Jesus Christ served more and Christianity hailed from him because the Spirit of God was with him. Those, who struggled for the church later added no value to it. Thus, only God decides the direction of his word, the church shall go. It is not by Social but Spiritual Mediumism and we know from our hard experiences, where it will start (Nigeria). Unlike talking before writing, it has been written before talking, and the premonition of Archbishop Rt. Rev. Coyne of moving the church may be right but not by Social but Spiritual Mediumism. Everyone serving or rushing for ‘Host’ is not Christianity but everyone covenanting, obeying, and keeping the laws is Christianity or the Church in time.

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