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Blog Archive For - 2013-06

The Shaping Of Igbo Democracy

Posted on 6th Jun 2013 08:28:35 in

To those republicans hostile to Igbo democracy a big challenge has arisen to the extent that Igbo cannot be republican (wasp) and democratic (bee) at the same time.

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Ndigbo and Nigeria: The Unanswered Question

Posted on 5th Jun 2013 23:20:24 in Development

When in 1984 the late Oyi of Oyi, former Senate President, Chuba Okadigbo declared that Nigeria had an Igbo Problem, many people did not understand what it was all about and where he was coming from.

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What does Igbo enweghi Eze mean?

Posted on 5th Jun 2013 23:10:35 in Misc, General

How did the igbos come about the concept of kingship (Eze)? Has Aka-ji-ofo disappeared? Traditionally, Aka-ji-ofo produces Eze (King) and priest. It is a birthright: Ezechishiri. trust you?

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