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Post Cold War International Law And Relations

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  • Author:  Fabian Ukaegbu
  • Price:  £20.95
  • Published Date:    30-9-2014
  • Pages:  390
  • Cover Type:  Paperback
  • ISBN:  9780992868819

No nation is the world. The world is all nations joined together and the strength of all joined together is greater than anyone alone. Hence, unity is the strength of the world. We have been determined to live and resolve our problems and differences - what stands between us and peace is law. A nation may determine its law but in the midst of others you are bound to have conflicting legislation and duplicity to say the least. Here, we advocate moderation and human values - in who knows more should teach who knows less.
I came to Britain to study. I studied like a sower, which knowingly and unknowingly tailored together to yield these books aside of practical healings. I used ?knowingly and unknowingly? because I did not contemplate or solicit any but each sprout like Irroko. The latter is often treated as Mustard because it germinates in the land of its lover. When reading any of the books, you will enjoy refreshing originalities that made each a unique revelation. These are contained in every part and in reading Israel; you will appreciate my Oracular source. Something new, never before know is a revelation. Why it happened or happening now is beyond me but impliedly in preparation for what happens next.

The books are prophetic and predicting to the new era. As our great internationalism becomes poisoned chalice; it attracts judgments meant for wise people, who knowingly provoke justice. We came together to corrupt; we came together to kill; we came together to make orphans, widows, poverty and needy. Prophet Jeremiah 14 challenges us as living in false world we did not know its foundations and customs. If the land of freedom (America) went to foreign expedition since 2001 for what happened in America that America did not prevent, our new world order starts with overhauling and transforming nationalism to meet the new era terms and conditions. After the Greco-Roman, it is now West plus America and the East; what will stress us more is making efforts that will be wasted. That fife of conflict intrigues, unless resolved soon will usher wrongly and lead to nothing.

The generic concept in this book could be likened to a broom - The broom is a ready tool to sweep clean or sweep out. This book is awakening and forewarning at the beginning of this millennium. The stitch in time saves nine. The changes are marked and coming and if we cannot overhaul, transform and agree on terms and conditions to live together in peace and harmony, there will be disaster henceforth till the D-Day (AD2650). While the time runs, streamlining nationalism, regionalism and internationalism could play better roles to ensure that all do not mistake, suffer or end at the same time. Take it as studied and presented that there is no International Law that guide or rules the members of the United Nations as the European Union. This is because the way the Democratic and Communist polarities distorted and hijacked the UN from its inception made the UN lame. With no standards, terms and conditions to measure compliance, discretional resolution and vetoes are no law. The UN needs great overhauling or will be disserted as the great powers mess it up continually. The confrontational and polarisation of the major powers are the greatest threat to the world order. The East and West have failed world order terms and conditions for peace.

Table Of Content

    Where are we? i
    Archaeology xxx
    The rebirth of nationalism xxxiv
    Note on board xxxv
      Introduction lvii
    1. What is the intention of this work? xii
    2. What is world order? xvi
    3. Passing off xx
    4. About the book xxii
    5. Transition xxviii
      1. Chapter 1
      2. European crises and the world order (The Five Men) ------ p1
      3. Woodrow Wilson ----- p2
      4. Joseph Stalin ---- p5
      5. Franklin Roosevelt p7
      6. Winston Churchill p9
      7. Adolf Hitler p22
      8. Review and Reflection

        Chapter 2
      1. Nationalism ----- p35
      2. What is a nation? ------ p35
      3. Nationalism as a system ----- p42
      4. Nation-states ----- p43
      5. Afghanistan ----- p47
      6. Argentina ----- p48
      7. Armenia ----- p49
      8. Bolivia ----- p53
      9. Bosnia-Herzegovina ----- p54
      10. Brazil ----- p55
      11. China ----- p56
      12. Egypt ----- p58
      13. Ethiopia ----- p58
      14. France ------ p59
      15. Germany ----- p66
      16. Georgia ----- p67
      17. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh ----- p68
      18. Iran 72
      19. Iraq 74
      20. Israel 71
      21. Ivory Coast 105
      22. Libya 106
      23. Nigeria 107
      24. Ossetia 116
      25. Russia 116
      26. Rwanda 122
      27. South Afrika 123
      28. Sri Lanka 125
      29. Sudan (North & South) 128
      30. Syria and Ukraine (current affairs) 129
      31. The Caribbean/West Indies 140
      32. Uganda 142
      33. UK 145
      34. USA 185
      35. Western Sahara 186
      36. Zimbabwe
      37. 187

        Chapter 3
      1. Extra-Territorial Issues 192
      2. Holistic Education 197
      3. World Order Eschatology 200
      4. Immigration 204
      5. Extreme poverty is evil 208
      6. Failed nations 210
      7. National insolvency 212
      8. Managing crimes 215
      9. IPCC Climate Report 216
      10. Managing drugs 219
      11. Sexual Discretion, Yogyakarta principle 220
      12. Managing Diversity and nationalism 224

        Chapter 4
      1. Internationalism 227
      2. How did it start? 229
      3. Inter-cultural-medium 231
      4. Who won the Cold War & terrorism? 234
      5. The International Police Nations 236
      6. Reign of Resolutions and Vetoes 239
      7. Intelligence 241
      8. Abuse of Articles 51 (self-defence) & Article 3
      9. (Refugees) 243

        Chapter 5
      1. International Politics 245
      2. Rights of nations, states and persons 245
      3. Are nations equal? 246
      4. Why do people fight? 247
      5. Is war totally avoidable? 250
      6. Sovereign crux 250
      7. Self-determination 255
      8. Self-determination mannerism 260
      9. Jurisdictional equity 261
      10. Constitutional and unconstitutional
      11. self-determination 262
      12. The distortion of self-determination 262
      13. Determinants of self-determination 266
      14. Measurement and ramification of
      15. self-determination 269
      16. The factors that check self-determination 270
      17. Nationhood 272
      18. Non-recognition and non-intervention 277
      19. Nuclear Power Politics 278

        Chapter 6
      1. Regional Organisations and law enforcement
      2. Europe/EU 285
      3. NATO 288
      4. Afrika/AU 292
      5. OAS (not detailed)
      6. Fourth Glaciations 298

        Chapter 7
      1. International law 299
      2. Ideas and developments 302
      3. What is international law? 305
      4. Who makes international laws? 313
      5. How are international laws made? 315
      6. Sovereignty & international law 315
      7. The mechanism of the UN 317
      8. The structure of the UN 318
      9. Why has UN often been called
      10. toothless bull-dog? 326
      11. How effective is or should the UN be? 328
      12. International obligations 333
      13. Diplomatic Cols 334
      14. What is the remit of the International
      15. Court of Justice (ICJ) 334
      16. Diplomacy 335
      17. UN Rio Conference on Environment 336
      18. Samples of non-territorial international Law 337
      19. The position of Individual in international law 339
      20. International Court of Justice (ICJ) 340
        Chapter 8
      1. Conclusion 348
      2. Appeal to the East and West 350
      3. Recommendations 350
      4. Overhauling nationalism & International systems 351

      1. Epilogue: The Broom 355
      2. Does Evil deter Evil? 365
      3. Light of Hope. 371

        Supportive documents
      1. Afrikan nations 374
      2. Nations of the world 375
      3. European nations 379
      4. Organisation of American states 379
      5. Exhibit 1: list of wars since 1945 380
      6. Glossary 390

  • A very incisive observations of the current state of politics in the United Kingdom vis-?-vis the European Union(EU). The inference arrived at from his detailed analysis will make uncomfortable reading for those advocating closer union with the EU. If you are into current affairs this is a most read - highly recommended.

    US President Barack Obama has warned Moscow against intervention after mysterious troop movements.

    Ukraine's interim Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, accused Russia of seeking to provoke an escalation of nationalistic hatred.
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  • This book is indeed very apt and about time someone took the courage to dispell this nonsensical attitude in naming our children. Who in all honesty would want to called their son "Pimp" or daughter "Golddigger". Enough said.

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  • This book is indeed very apt and about time someone took the courage to dispell this nonsensical attitude in naming our children. Who in all honesty would want to called their son "Pimp" or daughter "Golddigger". Enough said.

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Fabian N. Ukaegbu was born in Eastern Nigeria. He received his basic education there before travelling to the United Kingdom for further education. He qualified in Marketing, Management, Accountancy and International Relations/Diplomacy. He worked for six and the half years as a Consular Officer in the Nigeria High Commission in London and has worked also as a finance officer for 14 years with the London Borough of Hackney.
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