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The Oracle Book Of Ideas And Quotations

Book Particulars:

  • Author:  Fabian Ukaegbu
  • Price:  £15.95
  • Published Date:    10-7-2015
  • Pages:  300
  • Cover Type:  Paperback
  • ISBN:  978-0-9928688-5-7

Content Summary

The Oracle Book of Ideas & Quotations

Every human is endowed with divine attributes However, this is not activated by default. It needs to be activated by you. The Oracle helps you with this activation to be efficient and productive. Every life is a mission but everyone is not a missionary. All fruitful learning starts with vital idea and learning never stops. True learning motivates.

This book shows how ideas generate; how writers and inventors begin and why you should take your mind off certain things in order to be productive in whatever endeavour you are involved in. It has detailed analysis of how to focus the mind and avoid self-deprivation.

Fabian N. Ukaegbu was born in Eastern Nigeria. He received his basic education there before travelling to the United Kingdom for further education. He qualified in Marketing, Management, Accountancy and International Relations/Diplomacy. He worked for six and the half years as a Consular Officer in the Nigeria High Commission in London and has worked also as a finance officer for 14 years with the London Borough of Hackney.
He is a prolific writer as indicated by the titles below