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Becoming Adolescent

Book Particulars:

  • Author:  Fabian Ukaegbu
  • Price:  £10.99
  • Published Date:    30-06-2021
  • Pages:  260
  • Cover Type:  Paperback
  • ISBN:  9781838233822

Table Of Content

...... i
  • Chapter 1:
    What is puberty; who is a teenager? ...1
  • Chapter 2:
    Is it Black or White matter?....... 23
  • Chapter 3:
    Is it time to speak out?......32
  • Chapter 4:
    The need for moral stability and pride...... 42
  • Chapter 5:
    There is beauty in mystery......55
  • Chapter 6:
    Beauty in the eye of the Nature.......70
  • Chapter 7:
    The Misconception of Love.......84
  • Chapter 8:
    How to Get out of the Initial Problem......99
  • Chapter 9:
    Sexual Orientations.......108
  • Chapter 10:
    The unwanted child .......115
  • Chapter 11:
    The Pregnancy........122
  • Chapter 12:
    The bundle of Joy.......132
  • Chapter 13:
    Who owns this child?.......135
  • Chapter 14:
    If Abortion is evil blood shedding, what of miscarriage, stillbirth or pregnancies that claim the mothers’ lives?......141
  • Chapter 15:
    What is Abortion? .......143
  • Chapter 16:
    Can abortion be stopped?.......157
  • Chapter 17:
    What are the consequences of Abortion?......165
  • Chapter 18:....... 183

Questions and Answers Discourse
  • Question1. Why are some children born disabled?
  • Question 2: Will God one-day turn to judge the world?
  • Question 3: Why is sex a dreadful act?
  • Question 4: What can you do with your free will or willpower?
  • Question 5: Why did God set death trap on women?
  • Question 6: How can sexual arousal be averted?
  • Question 7: Was there a time God was with flesh?
  • Question 8: The Mystery of Mysteries: What happened to the Body of Jesus after Resurrection?
  • Question 9: Where did we pick the Holy Spirit, when was it created; what spirit exists outside God?
  • Question 10: How does one spend the past to live forward?
  • Question 11. Is Science truly in conflict with the Almighty God? Who is the greatest scientist? Who made science possible?
  • Question 12: Is it right for a Shepherd to die for his sheep?
  • Question 13: Is there a time a child can detach from its parents?
  • Question 14: Why is miscarriage high amidst black women?
  • Question 15: What actually is my reason to disobey God?
  • Question 16; What are the essentials of life?
  • Question 17: Why are we standstill or aghast with Religion? Question 18:
  • Business Religion; else, God is one, what is the fuss about, what was achieved from divisions?
  • Appendix.......... 235
  • Glossary......... 239
  • Index.......... 240
  • Author’s other books.......... 248

Content Summary
The Hormone Rush

The period of Adolescence is when the first part of the major brain formation takes place. Nature is preparing them for independence as an adult. It is fear & anxiety that manifests as craziness or stubbornness. It makes them less childlike and more adultlike in making their own decisions and sticking to them. They are becoming much more focused on their peers than their parents for what to do, what to believe. Another reason is that their parents are still treating them like children, not adults in progression, and they hate that with passion.

It is important that we are knowledgeable of this important biochemical reaction happening in their bodies. We see the physical manifestation of this as stubbornness and in their body shapes as subtle changes start to emerge with no prior notice. This has become a theme for teens. You begin to question the things you have been taught to believe. One reason is that your brain is getting more mature by the year (though it will not be complete until you are 25 or so). You are getting tired of being told what to do, and often not why. You are getting better adapted to your environment, so you are developing skills of your own.

The key to this changing situation is love (shower them with love) and prior knowledge of this transitional state would go a long way in reducing the intensity of their anxieties. Use your adult knowledge and cajole them as you explain the issues to them. In the end, they will believe differently, but probably never admit it to you. Their brains are extremely malleable during this period thus, here is an opportunity to instill some moral values in their thinking process. Actions speak louder than words. Always demonstrate or expose your principles in your interactions with the adolescents. Inculcate your morals through demonstration and actions. There will always be peers' pressure on them counteracting what parents and teachers are advocating. This is normal so an overbearing parent might inadvertently exacerbate the situation. By and large, their morality is heavily influenced by what they see at home than from external sources (peers, school, and their environment).

Fabian N. Ukaegbu was born in Eastern Nigeria. He received his basic education there before travelling to the United Kingdom for further education. He qualified in Marketing, Management, Accountancy and International Relations/Diplomacy. He worked for six and the half years as a Consular Officer in the Nigeria High Commission in London and has worked also as a finance officer for 14 years with the London Borough of Hackney.
He is a prolific writer as indicated by the titles below